Black Mirror Hours

September 8, 2011

Hereby we announce the title of the upcoming Chaos Invocation record! After four years of writing, we decided to release eleven of twenty new songs under the title “Black Mirror Hours”. The studio is booked for October 28th. Expect the unexpected! A tracklist and a preview of the layout will be posted soon.

“Leave all those lanterns behind
You are able to shine even more
Follow the path deeper into the dark
And you will find┬áthe core of the beckoning flame”

Here we manifest

September 7, 2011

We welcome you, children of the grave!

From today this page will be the only relevant platform to spread our word in the World Wide Web. We don’t care about all those pages used to sacrifice the urge of self-glorification. A lot of things happened since we returned from the “Living Darkness Tour” in April, things that we want to share with you for your own good. Something is growing stronger and darker in our harem; a beast we always wished to arouse. Finally this beast will be a reflection of our deepest emotions and the path we choose to follow since more than seven years now. More information will follow soon…

A.On behalf of the Circle