Chaos Invocation

March 7, 2012

We are truly rushing through an eventful time, which disposes us to announce the following proclamations. We won’t either play the “Raging Death Date” show (the festival was cancel through the presenter) nor at “Funeral Forces”. The reason to cancel “Funeral Forces” lies within the circle itself, because we decided to release AD. from the liabilities that accrue when you became a part of Chaos Invocation. To walk the path of liberation at times means to make certain sacrifices, which not everyone is able to make. We do understand that, but won’t accept that for a member of the circle. Put it like that: once the earthly chains of one became too strong to break, this one won’t walk with us. We want to thank both, the organizer of “Funeral Forces” (for putting interest and belief in us) and the maniacs that were longing for the new material to be presented on the stage. Our time will come…

Tomorrow will be the day to unveil a part of the mirror…


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