November 29, 2012

A. during the “In Bloodline With The Snake” era in 2008.

At a time in which the release of “Black Mirror Hours” is imminent, the afterpains of “In Bloodline With The Snake” are still perceptible. We raise our chalice to all supporters…

To all those unable to order the “In Bloodline With The Snake” record through the “World Terror Committee”:

Follow this path to find the lyrics…

The Cult Of Death

November 28, 2012

The moon is hanging in utmost bright
Tonight strikes the final hour
We give our souls right back to the source
That once fulfilled us with power…

Chaos Invocation will be a part of next year’s Deathkult Open Air and Under The Black Sun Festival. Other dates point out clearer, more information will be proclaimed soon. By the way, Funeral Forces 4 had to be postponed by the organizers to a yet unknown date next year. We are looking forward to reveal and celebrate the potency of the new album on the stage and to dive into whirls that carry us to other planes together with you.

Until our banners rise again and the stench of death fills the air, may your hearts pound the pulse of the vibrating mirror.

“Invocations” area updated…