A Lurking Menace

April 21, 2013

The Manifesting Menace

More opportunities to build up the altar of delirium worship in order to celebrate the dark gods have been found:

19th of May – Deathkult Open Air
25th of May – Night Of The Living Death
5th of July – Under The Black Sun
20th of September – Incubate

Join us there, open wide your inner gate, unite with us and hover on the plane of spiritual liberation and ultimate madness for a while.

Behind The Pupil

A couple of days passed since the release of “Black Mirror Hours” and the “Kult Of Death” Tour (our crusade together with Hell Militia). Days in which the fraternity of luciferian terror wasn’t idle.

We have crafted a new song for a tape compilation. More information relating to this shall be revealed soon.


The release of “Black Mirror Hours” caused initial reactions. Follow these paths to find out more:







Furthermore Chaos Invocation is featured on the current zero tolerance magazine sampler. To order this issue use this portal:


“Gallery”, “Invocations” & “Releases” page updated…


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