There Will Be Blood

June 30, 2013

Chaos Invocation - Impressions I

The human body is sometimes weaker than it should be and so it happened that T. has contracted a tendonitis that makes it impossible for him to handle his instrument. Therefore, we must unfortunately cancel our appearance at “UTBS”. We were looking forward to the 6th of July, ready to celebrate a special ritual with you. Well, this time it should not be celebrated, but there is already a replacement date for a ceremony on German soil.

On November 30th Chaos Invocation will share the stage together with Mare, Cult Of Fire and Bölzer. This will surely be a memorable night. For more information follow the link below.

Baptism By Fire


The Echo Of The Bell

June 20, 2013

“This album is such a grower. Once I had it under my skin, it becomes more and more
of a disease you never get rid off. For once, a welcome disease…”

Roy Kristensen (Imhotep and Scream Magazine) on “Black Mirror Hours”

The echo of the bell

I’s been a while since we released “Black Mirror Hours”, but still we get a lot of feedback. Here are two more reviews that we have received.

in German

in English

Currently, we work our way through a flood of interviews that will surely emerge from the depths of the internet in the near future.

To all those who will be at “Under The Black Sun” festival: We have prepared a special set for you…