Beyond Coming

February 17, 2014

As we’ve already announced, we have recorded one of our rehearsals in preparation of last years “Incubate” festival. We promised to share parts of this recording with you. Well, better late than never. As a first example we have chosen “Beyond Coming” taken from “Black Mirror Hours”. It is a very raw mix and beyond a professional master, but it reflects the sound in our temple pretty good.

M. - Chaos InvocationM. in Arnhem (2010) where we already played “Beyond Coming”

While you listen to “Beyond Coming” you should know, that the altar is prepared in our hallowed halls. Tonight we continue to work on what will become the third Chaos Invocation album. Between blackmoon prayers, luciferian terror and baneful magic we have packed some new elements as well, that we found when we explored the depths of our hidden self further. We are very much looking forward to share this new stuff with you.