To kill the ten…

April 30, 2014

Chaos Invocation - The Search Of Keys And Gates

Chaos Invocation – The Search Of Keys And Gates

So, ten years passed. On April 30th in the fourth year of this Millennium the fraternity of Chaos Invocation gathered for the first time and started its search of keys and gates. Therefore we will celebrate with witches and magicans, dead or alive, in our harem tonight. Since we all know that we have to kill the ten to path way for the 11 we won’t celebrate this anniversary too much, still recordings will be initiated at this very night. For those who guided and supported us in form of giving us a platform on which we could build our altar on, two songs that mean a lot to us shall manifest and will be shared as soon as possible.

May the fruits that we harvest in the future be as sweet as in the past and may the fetters that will be broken be as numerous as those which were broken. The search continues…

We, your ascendant

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