A Black Sabbath

August 3, 2014

In late April, we have recorded two tracks in order to celebrate the completion of ten years of Chaos Invocation or let us say the killing of the X. For those who guided and supported us we have uploaded now the first of those tracks, which is an homage to the early Black Sabbath. Still their first recordings have more energy and depth than 95% percent of all other releases in the rock and metal genre.

Chaos Invocation on this track:
T. – drums and percussion
A. – guitars and vocals
J. – rhythm guitar
S. – bass guitar

The track can be downloaded for few days starting today. After this period it will be removed to make room for track number two.

Information about an upcoming album and a split Ep will be announced in early 2015.

Until then: Children of the grave, let us celebrate a black sabbath…

Another black sabbath_2