May 10, 2015

The world throws stones upon our path, but the larger these stones become, the stronger we hold on, after we pushed them away. This world was never a friend of ours, but no matter how hard it tries, it will never stop us. Our hunger roots beyond your borders and so it came that on April 30th we celebrated our eleventh anniversary. We have killed the ten!


Followers: The recordings of our third album were planned to start in April 2014, but due to health reasons, cancelled studio dates and other profane bullshit we could not start them. Once again we realized, that time is a precious commodity. Anyway, we do not grief about the year gone bye and as we already mentioned all these stones cannot hide the path we follow. Yet our focus is only set to the recordings of our new opus, that started a few days ago. Chaos Invocation never followed any trends and so you better expect a traditional Black Metal album that conjures any sign of a smile from your face and will leave you chained to the consuming dark of our rides.

Together with our brethren in „Thy Darkened Shade“ we have recorded material for a split Ep release that is dedicated to the workings of Set-Apep. We are currently working out the final details and will give you more information in due time.

For the glory of HIM

Flyer by Vamperess Imperium

Furthermore: It’s been a while since we celebrated the last official ritual, but the greater is our anticipation for the upcoming dates of blood harvest:

29.08.2015 Hell Unleashed Part III – Zwickau DE

05.09.2015 Torn Your Ties Festival – Bobstadt DE

24.10.2015 Phantoms Of Pilsen – Pilsen CZE

These three dates will be something very special for us, since they mark the last appearances together with T. on drums. Ever since he joined our circle in 2009 he followed our path with passion and opened new gates with his characteristics and drumming.


You will forever be an important part of our fraternity and we are very thankful for the experiences that we share. Keep going…

Another search has begun!

The Harvest


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