Testimonium “Feritate Sacra”

January 7, 2016

With our appearance at Phantoms Of Pilsen Festival we celebrated our last live ceremony for a long time period as well as the last one together with Thomas on drums. Ever since he became part of our fraternity he proved to be a true Black Metal beast and a wild untamable spirit that carved his marks into our flesh and formed the shape of Chaos Invocation with his characteristics.

Chaos Invocation Backstage @ Torn Your Ties

Chaos Invocation transformation room @ Torn Your Ties

Maugre, hereby we announce our appearance at Inner Awakening Fest VIII on Friday 12th of August. We will share the stage together with our brethren in Thy Darkened Shade and our label conspirators Barshasketh. Hungary, we are eagerly looking forward to let you smell the wrath of Chaos Invocation, which is the wrath of escalation and destruction.


Inner Awakening Festival VIII

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