Chaos Invocation

M. – vocals

A. – guitars, vocals, lyrics

T. – drums

(session & live members)

S. – bass guitar

J. – rhythm guitar


Chapter I

The Search Of Keys And Gates

It was in the fourth year of this millennium, when a voice from beyond this world echoed through the cosmos. A voice, that seems to have the ability, to unlock even the thickest mysteries. Few even recognized it, but those who did and dared to listen vigilant, stepped into the circle that is yet known as the fraternity of “Chaos Invocation”.  Ever since the intent was to express the member’s religious believes with music and to share experiences that they made, while they walk upon the path of snakes leading to spiritual liberation.

In 2009 the first eleven credos left the temple and were shared with the outer world. “In Bloodline With The Snake” was released through the “World Terror Committee” and marked the beginning of the “Living Darkness” era. “AD.”, who played drums on that record, decided to leave the circle and was replaced by “T.”. Due the following two years the fraternity’s banners were carried across the European continent and several live rituals were celebrated.

Then, seven years after the voice was firstly heard, it echoed through the cosmos again and passed the arch of the circle’s temple. The recordings of a new opus of luziferian terror were initiated and finally in the thirteenth year of this millennium completely manifested. The result is entitled “Black Mirror Hours”, a 68 minutes long journey into the world of “Chaos Invocation”. The bells of the temple are ringing and should be heard in every corner of this planet.