December 31, 2013

The year is coming to an end. Looking back, it was a good one. Nevertheless, we are not completely satisfied, since we could not hold that much “Black Mirror Rituals” in order to celebrate the release of our second album together with you. A longer crusade across this planet was not possible this time. Let us assure you that this will not apply to the next year.

We are working very focused on the upcoming album and the riddance of this beast in 2014 will be followed by at least an European crusade. Our fraternity is very much looking forward to the following thirteen phases of the moon.

Baptism By Fire

Chaos Invocation at “Baptism By Fire”, Essen, Turock

Although some time has passed already, we would like to say something relating to the concert together with “Cult Of Fire” in Essen. First of all we want to express our respect to all those who joined our whirl to sink deeper and deeper into madness although the PA system was partially completely shut down and our music was guided by a huge feedback. As some may have noticed, we certainly were not enthusiastic about several things as well. Among intros that were played at the wrong position, so that we had to rebuild our set, we also heard this feedback that sounded from one of the monitors while the others remained completely silent. Hearing nothing of our instruments made ​​this appearance to a true test of patience. Thanks and respect also to P. of Iron Bonehead, and S. who made a great job behind his mixing desk in Paris.

M. in Paris

M. at “Black Metal is Rising” in Paris, Glazart

Until the next blood harvest…