Lord Of Our Temple

March 9, 2014

House Of The HolyImpressions of the rehearsal that took place on 21st August 2013

To open the doors to our temple and to make you gain a first impression of the happenings inside our holy house, we have already released “Beyond Coming”. Yet, in order to celebrate the release of the vinyl version of “Black Mirror Hours”, we want to open the doors even further and grant you access to “Lord Of Our Temple”. Remember, that this song is part of a recorded rehearsal session.

Furthermore we want to let you know, that the pre-recordings of the third Chaos Invocation album are done since today. Nineteen songs that represent the strongest material that our circle has created so far, manifested since March 2012. The recordings shall start soon…

Flesh Upon The AltarImpressions of our altar


Breaking Glass

February 24, 2013

Breaking Glass

Our new album “Black Mirror Hours” is available for pre-order as of now. Shipping starts on the 27th of February.

Follow this path for your order:

Deceptive Silence

July 16, 2012

It seems to have become quite around the circle of Chaos Invocation, but don‘ t let yourself be decieved by this silence. „Black Mirror Hours“ will come! Initially we decided to release this album in June, but yet we see, that there is better moment later this year to spread it over the world. We are currently rehearsing the new material to bring it to the stage with utmost energy. Besides of that we are getting video material together that  describes the becoming of Black Mirror Hours and sums up the Living Darkness tour we played last year. We will present the result here and will make it thus available for everyone.

The first chime

June 11, 2012

More than a year has come and gone, a year without any live appearance. Yet the time has come to end this period. Chaos Invocation will be a part of the Metal Méan Fest together with “The Devils Blood”, “Immolation”, “Nile” a.s.o. on August 18th.


This date marks the beginning of the “Black Mirror Hours” era. We are looking forward to this…


The circle’s harem

May 7, 2012

Here is the second trailer for “Black Mirror Hours” including material filmed in the circle’s harem of death and during a live invocation in Berlin (April 2011). The third and last trailer will be posted few days  before the revealment of the mirror, when the bell started to ring already.


Here is a trailer for the upcoming record.

A coming nightmare

March 8, 2012

The time has come to give you an impression of the upcoming album entitled “Black Mirror Hours”. 

This sample includes a few moments that should describe the atmosphere of the album. Keep in mind that this is only a raw mix.


Celebrating death…

January 25, 2012

Maniacs come and join the circle at „Raging Death Date“ and „Funeral Forces“! These two shows will be the last ones dominated by the „In Bloodline With The Snake” record, so let us unleash all the madness and pure adoration that was channelled within this beast together upon and in front of the stage.  Besides of that we have prepared some of the new material especially for these two nights; to make sure you are ready for what is about to come.

A grave sprung open…
… and AD. joined the band to replace SMD. on the bass guitar. We welcome our new member.

Chaos Invocation

The hour is soon…

January 23, 2012

The recordings for „Black Mirror Hours“ are done. In honour of the dark gods we have manifested a 69 minutes long journey into the abyss of the self; forced through emotions that came up while we contacted the keepers of the planes beyond.

  1. Delirium Worship And Total Abandon
  2. The Mirror
  3. Beyond Coming
  4. The Beckoning Flame
  5. Hypertoxication
  6. Faces On My Spiritual Plane
  7. Lord Of Our Temple
  8. Funeral Messiah
  9. Towards The Boundless Horizon
  10. Walking In His City
  11. Into The Living Darkness

More information will follow…