Seeds And Sickel

January 6, 2015

The death of 2014 bears fruits already. After one year without any “official” live appearance, we want to let you know that we will visit the Czech Republic for the first time in October to rape “Phantoms Of Pilsen”. We are very much looking forward to this evening. Let us make it a sinister and magical one.

For more information about “Phantoms Of Pilsen” follow the link below.

Chaos Invocation @ Phantoms Of Pilsen

All those who believe that 2014 was a quiet year for our circle, should herewith be reliably informed that it was not. We have never before created and sown so much within a year. The harvest will begin soon. You’ll see.

The Harvest


Lord Of Our Temple

March 9, 2014

House Of The HolyImpressions of the rehearsal that took place on 21st August 2013

To open the doors to our temple and to make you gain a first impression of the happenings inside our holy house, we have already released “Beyond Coming”. Yet, in order to celebrate the release of the vinyl version of “Black Mirror Hours”, we want to open the doors even further and grant you access to “Lord Of Our Temple”. Remember, that this song is part of a recorded rehearsal session.

Furthermore we want to let you know, that the pre-recordings of the third Chaos Invocation album are done since today. Nineteen songs that represent the strongest material that our circle has created so far, manifested since March 2012. The recordings shall start soon…

Flesh Upon The AltarImpressions of our altar

Beyond Coming

February 17, 2014

As we’ve already announced, we have recorded one of our rehearsals in preparation of last years “Incubate” festival. We promised to share parts of this recording with you. Well, better late than never. As a first example we have chosen “Beyond Coming” taken from “Black Mirror Hours”. It is a very raw mix and beyond a professional master, but it reflects the sound in our temple pretty good.

M. - Chaos InvocationM. in Arnhem (2010) where we already played “Beyond Coming”

While you listen to “Beyond Coming” you should know, that the altar is prepared in our hallowed halls. Tonight we continue to work on what will become the third Chaos Invocation album. Between blackmoon prayers, luciferian terror and baneful magic we have packed some new elements as well, that we found when we explored the depths of our hidden self further. We are very much looking forward to share this new stuff with you.


December 31, 2013

The year is coming to an end. Looking back, it was a good one. Nevertheless, we are not completely satisfied, since we could not hold that much “Black Mirror Rituals” in order to celebrate the release of our second album together with you. A longer crusade across this planet was not possible this time. Let us assure you that this will not apply to the next year.

We are working very focused on the upcoming album and the riddance of this beast in 2014 will be followed by at least an European crusade. Our fraternity is very much looking forward to the following thirteen phases of the moon.

Baptism By Fire

Chaos Invocation at “Baptism By Fire”, Essen, Turock

Although some time has passed already, we would like to say something relating to the concert together with “Cult Of Fire” in Essen. First of all we want to express our respect to all those who joined our whirl to sink deeper and deeper into madness although the PA system was partially completely shut down and our music was guided by a huge feedback. As some may have noticed, we certainly were not enthusiastic about several things as well. Among intros that were played at the wrong position, so that we had to rebuild our set, we also heard this feedback that sounded from one of the monitors while the others remained completely silent. Hearing nothing of our instruments made ​​this appearance to a true test of patience. Thanks and respect also to P. of Iron Bonehead, and S. who made a great job behind his mixing desk in Paris.

M. in Paris

M. at “Black Metal is Rising” in Paris, Glazart

Until the next blood harvest…

Fire Walk With Us

October 13, 2013

First of all we would like to thank those who attended our appearance at this year’s “Incubate Festival” between “Mayhem” and “Immortal”. Click on the picture below to find some captured impressions.

Chaos Invocation Incubate Festival 2013

Furthermore we want to share our interview for “Imhotep Magazine” with you.

PartI – Fire Walk With Us

PartII – Luciferian Manifestation

It happened very spontaneously and still we don’t know why, but we have recorded our rehearsal session from 21/08/2013 and will not deprive you of the result. One of the songs will be uploaded during the next week.

The Cult Of Death

November 28, 2012

The moon is hanging in utmost bright
Tonight strikes the final hour
We give our souls right back to the source
That once fulfilled us with power…

Chaos Invocation will be a part of next year’s Deathkult Open Air and Under The Black Sun Festival. Other dates point out clearer, more information will be proclaimed soon. By the way, Funeral Forces 4 had to be postponed by the organizers to a yet unknown date next year. We are looking forward to reveal and celebrate the potency of the new album on the stage and to dive into whirls that carry us to other planes together with you.

Until our banners rise again and the stench of death fills the air, may your hearts pound the pulse of the vibrating mirror.

“Invocations” area updated…

The Rise Of Our Banners

August 14, 2012

Only few days remain until the circle of Chaos invocation will enter the stage again. More than one year passed since our last live-appearance which in fact heightens our anticipation. Chaos Invocation will enter the Metal Méan stage at 12:00pm, a really unflattering time indeed, but anyway, we will turn the stage into an altar of delirium worship and total abandon, hopefully with more than only five maniacs in front of the stage.

Furthermore Chaos Invocation will headline the fourth “Funeral Forces” festival in late November.

Deceptive Silence

July 16, 2012

It seems to have become quite around the circle of Chaos Invocation, but don‘ t let yourself be decieved by this silence. „Black Mirror Hours“ will come! Initially we decided to release this album in June, but yet we see, that there is better moment later this year to spread it over the world. We are currently rehearsing the new material to bring it to the stage with utmost energy. Besides of that we are getting video material together that  describes the becoming of Black Mirror Hours and sums up the Living Darkness tour we played last year. We will present the result here and will make it thus available for everyone.

The first chime

June 11, 2012

More than a year has come and gone, a year without any live appearance. Yet the time has come to end this period. Chaos Invocation will be a part of the Metal Méan Fest together with “The Devils Blood”, “Immolation”, “Nile” a.s.o. on August 18th.


This date marks the beginning of the “Black Mirror Hours” era. We are looking forward to this…


The circle’s harem

May 7, 2012

Here is the second trailer for “Black Mirror Hours” including material filmed in the circle’s harem of death and during a live invocation in Berlin (April 2011). The third and last trailer will be posted few days  before the revealment of the mirror, when the bell started to ring already.