Celebrating death…

January 25, 2012

Maniacs come and join the circle at „Raging Death Date“ and „Funeral Forces“! These two shows will be the last ones dominated by the „In Bloodline With The Snake” record, so let us unleash all the madness and pure adoration that was channelled within this beast together upon and in front of the stage.  Besides of that we have prepared some of the new material especially for these two nights; to make sure you are ready for what is about to come.

A grave sprung open…
… and AD. joined the band to replace SMD. on the bass guitar. We welcome our new member.

Chaos Invocation


The hour is soon…

January 23, 2012

The recordings for „Black Mirror Hours“ are done. In honour of the dark gods we have manifested a 69 minutes long journey into the abyss of the self; forced through emotions that came up while we contacted the keepers of the planes beyond.

  1. Delirium Worship And Total Abandon
  2. The Mirror
  3. Beyond Coming
  4. The Beckoning Flame
  5. Hypertoxication
  6. Faces On My Spiritual Plane
  7. Lord Of Our Temple
  8. Funeral Messiah
  9. Towards The Boundless Horizon
  10. Walking In His City
  11. Into The Living Darkness

More information will follow…